Privacy Policy

Keeping all personal details of the applicant's safe with us at Apply For Installment Loan Online is our absolute responsibility. Thus, we have set forth this privacy policy that will give you a clear idea about why we collect your personal details and how we use them. This privacy policy applied to everyone who browse this website and access our services. Read the privacy statement carefully before proceeding.

Personal details that we will ask when accessing our services include name, Social Security Number, birth date, employment details and so on. The purpose behind collecting these details is to share them with competent lenders. We also collect these details is to verify your identity, evaluate your application and to help you to find a loan that meets your requirement exactly. They will also help us in finding customized services for you.

Since we are only a mediator and not direct lender, we will have to share your personal details with lenders and financial brokers. Using our loan comparison services will itself be considered as your consent to collect, use and disclosure of your personal information to third party websites and lenders.

To protect your personal details we have utilized Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. This will help prevent unauthorized persons from viewing your information transmitted to us during your registration process. Though we have taken all necessary steps to save your personal details, we will not be responsible for any loss or exposure of personally identifying information to any unauthorized third parties during a secure SSL session.

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