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Like other websites, we at Apply For Installment Loan Online have set forth cookie policy. Do read them ahead of browsing through the website. Browsing the website will be considered as your acceptance of cookies as per this policy.

Cookies are small files that just contain an identifier sent by the web server to the browser and gets automatically stored in the devise used to browse a website. Each time a page is requested by a browser the identifier is sent back to the server. With the help of cookies it will be easy to identify and track users by the browser as they navigate from one page to another through the website. Cookies will also help us to identity the users who return back to the website.

Some of the common cookies that are used by us and most of all other websites include persistent cookie, session cookie, third party and analytics cookie. Persistent cookies contain text files that are sent to the web browser by the server. They get stored and remains valid till the expiry date or until they are deleted manually. On the other hand session cookie expires at the end of every browsing session right after user has closed the web browser.

The cookies sent by advertisers are third party cookies. These cookies are used to track browsing history across multiple websites. They help build profile of user's web surfing. Such cookies are used for target advertisements based on browser's interest. Analytic cookies are used to analyze the use of the website. Further, by means of cookie statistical information about the usage of a website is generated by Google Analytics. All these information are utilized to generate reports about the use of the website.

Contact us if you have any queries related to the cookie policy set by us at Apply For Installment Loan Online.

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